About Us

We developed this site to provide a place where people can come and find resources, people and education to help begin healing from a miscarriage. We know first hand the feelings of devastation, lonliness and pain involved in miscarriage.

One of the best ways we have found to begin healing is the following:

  1. Find a safe place to tell your story
  2. Find a place where others understand because they have been through miscarriage themeselves.
  3. Education because understanding brings healing. Perspective can change with knowledge.

After our miscarriage we couldn’t find anyplace that could fill these needs.
Therefore, we put together resources to make a site that could become a community and a family to help heal hearts and minds.

We went back to school and received a masters degree in mental health counseling, wrote a book on miscarriage and ways to heal and wrote modules to help with challenges resulting after a miscarriage.

We made videos and produced interviews and webinars all to help millions of people suffering with miscarriage.

We hope you will find this community a useful resource for you and your family.

Please take the time to upload your story and those things that helped you the most.

Warm regards,
Kris & Robin Cottrell


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