1. What Does a Miscarriage Support Membership Include?
This community membership provides you access to a community of other people going through a miscarriage. While no two experiences are exactly alike, we have learned that learning from others experiences helps the healing begin. To know others understand the same feelings is a great comfort. You will also receive; personal video stories, video ideas for healing, work book modules, forum to ask questions to the community, articles for both men and women, facts regarding miscarriages and much more! I would charge over $100.00 per session for counseling. A membership to Misscarriagesupport.com gives you this same insight and material and much more for less than half that price.

Does it Cost Money to Become a Member?
Of course. In order to build a community for people who have had a miscarriage does cost money. We have kept the cost very affordable. Less than half the amount for one session of counseling. This movement is an ongoing effort adding to the website and building a community costs us money. We are committed to making this site a resource that provides you with exactly what you need.

How Much Does a Membership Cost?
A one-time payment of just $47, no monthly fees or add-ons, you get everything for $47. You receive video stories of many others, videos with proven information and instruction for healing, module workbooks, a forum and much more all for less than half the price of a counseling session. You receive enough material in this membership site that it would take at least 3 counseling sessions to cover this much material.

Who Created Miscarriage Support?
Kris & Robin Cottrell created this site. Our goal is to provide others with a place to gather and heal from the pains of a miscarriage. Strength through the experiences of many builds the one. Come join the community. Your story and testimony will help others.

2. What if I Don’t Find the Support I’m Needing?
We have a satisfaction guarantee policy. If someone purchase and doesn’t feel like it helped them in any way they can cancel and get a full refund. this truly is a no brainer– you either start feeling better and that your not alone or get your money back!


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