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ATTENTION! If You or Someone You Love is Struggling After A Miscarriage, Then This Will Be the Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read…

Masters Degree Counselor, his wife and A Community Of Women Who Have Suffered Through The Pains Of Miscarriage,Teach You How To:

  • Begin Recovery Quickly and Completely in the following ways:
  • Recover Emotionally and Physically
  • Recover Spiritually and Mentally
  • Improve the Quality of Your Life Dramatically!

Discover How She Overcame Her Own Miscarriage and Taught
Thousands Of Women Worldwide To Eliminate All Their Miscarriage
Issues and Get On The Road To Recovery Quickly and Naturally

Even If:

  • You Are Months or Years After A Miscarriage
  • You Have Had Multiple Miscarriages
  • You Have High Levels of Fear
  • You Have A Partner Who Doesn’t Understand Your Suffering
  • You Have Feelings Of Depression
  • You Have Reservations about Trying To Get Pregnant Again
  • You Have A History of Miscarriages
  • Your Male Partner Doesn’t Seem To Understand Your Feelings
  • Without Resorting To Drugs, or Expensive Counseling
  • Faster and More Effective than You Ever Thought Possible!

by Kris Cottrell- Counselor, Author and Consultant

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling with your Miscarriage? Are you frustrated, or feeling guilty, angry or sad for the loss of your child?

If you answered yes, then let me tell you that we know exactly how you feel, because my wife and I personally went through the same experience a few years ago.

We have battled with the devastation of our Miscarriage for years until we have finally found things that really helped us begin healing, implemented them and now we feel much better and happier.

You’re about to discover what might be the ONLY and most powerful miscarriage support system ever developed. It’s the same system thousands of women, just like you, used to permanently reverse their downward spiral of sadness, and move forward with a different view of what has happened to them and their child.

My name is Kris Cottrell and over the past 8 years, through a long process of graduate school, training, pondering, study, interviewing others and gaining understanding, my wife Robin and I have developed a system that is backed by thousands + hours for miscarriage recovery, effectively and naturally. This is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful healing system, which very few women even know exists…

If you would like to learn how to reverse feelings of guilt, shame, sadness and a broken heart effectively and quickly… without drugs, without expensive counseling, and without any manipulation, then this will be the most important letter you will ever read. I guarantee it and I’ve got the results to prove it!

Success Story #1: Nicole Neiderhouser

“Using your system I finally began to start feeling like myself again!”

“Dear Kris, After 7 years trying to make sense of my miscarriage I finally began to find peace weeks after I read your book and followed your program. It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with depression but using your system I gradually began to realize I wasn’t alone. That there truly is a community out there who understands. Everything in your book makes sense. I am recommending your program to all my friends.
God bless you!”

— Nicole Neiderhouser, Age 25, (Melbourne, Australia)

Success Story #2: Lauren Doss

“After months of crying I finally found your website and it changed my

“Dear Kris & Robin, your site is a must for any woman who has experienced a miscarriage or knows someone else who has gone through one. I was devastated and so was my husband after being told that my baby had died, that they couldn’t find a heartbeat anymore. After much research and dozens of hours reading miscarriage articles and posts online, I have found your website! I never believed anyone could help me. But I was so glad to be wrong as I followed the advice from you and the many other wonderful people at After one month of listening and pondering the information at your site I couldn’t believe the difference in the new perspective I had. I would recommend anyone struggling with a miscarriage to become a member of your miscarriage community. It just might be the answer to your prayers. Thank you for everything you have done for me, Kris and Robin!”

— Lauren Doss(Georgia, USA)

Success Story #3: Beth Carrington

“After over 2 years of struggling with the loss of my baby and thousands of dollars spent on counseling, I had actually succeeded to stop obsessing about my miscarriage without any drugs or medical intervention “

“Dear Kris, after going through 3 miscarriages, I had started my journey at the age of 37 as I couldn’t accept the fact that I wouldn’t have any children of my own. By sheer accident I found your website, I tried to implement most of your guidelines exactly as instructed and found myself holding a positive hopeful perspective in less than 5 weeks! After over two years of trying to feel better about my miscarriage, I had actually succeeded in slowly realizing that this miscarriage wasn’t my fault, all because of a website community that costs less than $50! Thanks Kris, you’ve made this year worth celebrating!

— Beth Carrington (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Success Story #4: Emma Younger

” I just wanted to say thank you for developing this miscarriage
community and for giving hope to women. I am 46 and I am finally
learning things about my miscarriage that I didn’t understand.”

“Dear Kris & Robin, My husband and I are going on a date today as we finally found some healing through your program. We are truly communicating for the first time in years. I am in tears as I write these words. I am sure you get plenty of letter like this every day but I just wanted to thank you for developing this system and for giving hope to women suffering from miscarriages. May god bless you and your family. ”
God bless you!”

— Emma Younger (Berlin, Germany)

Success Story #5: Nancy Persian

“I am a counselor who works with couples with infertility concerns,
and have found your work to be extremely helpful for me and for my

“Hi Kris, what a great book and website you have developed. As soon as I started reading, I felt like it was the perfect gift for women with miscarriage issues. I am a counselor who works with couples with infertility concerns, and have found your work to be extremely helpful for me and for my customers. I have been recommending and encouraging all my clients to join your online miscarriage community. With you and your wife’s wise words of experience you have delivered hope for anyone who is struggling with a miscarriage! You are welcome to use my testimonial on your site if you like.””

— Nancy Persian (Ireland)

Success Story #6: Christal Grainger

” I have followed your modules and listened closely to the 4 area
recommendations and after less than 3 months, I finally feel some
success in my long and painful battle. I have no words to express my

“Dear Kris, my friends, family and neighbors told me to just “get over” my miscarriage, but instead I took matters into my own hands and researched and found your online community. I soon found it to be a treasure that I could refer to repeatedly. The clear cut logical yet compassionate approach that tackles miscarriage from a totally different perspective had captivated me. I have followed your recommendations and gained such understanding and felt true empathy for my situation for the first time, I finally began to feel like I was winning in my long and painful battle. I have no words to express my gratitude.

Thank you!”

— Christal Grainger (Orlando, Florida)

Success Story #7: Daphne Stephenson

“As a last effort, my mother bought me your wonderful miscarriage
membership. It has been the greatest gift I have EVER received and a
true life changer. Thanks to your program I am on the road to
becoming ME again and I owe it all to you. “

“Kris, I had pretty much given up hope of ever feeling good and happy again. All I did was think about the loss of our baby. It weighed upon my mind continually. As a last effort, my mother bought me your wonderful internet membership. It has been the greatest gift I have EVER received and a true life changer. Thanks to your program I am on the road to becoming well again and I owe it all to you. “

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

— Daphne Stephenson (Ohio, USA)

Success Story #8: Dorothy McKay

“After two months of crying, I am finally smiling. The many women
who are members of your miscarriage support website have become
like family to me. I think this is nothing short of a miracle!”

“Hello Kris, I have no words to express my gratitude, Kris…I have fought with the emotions of a miscarriage for more than a decade. My husband and I continue to keep on fighting as I have read many awful stories about long lasting effects of miscarriages on womens’ mental and emotional health., and we keep looking for a solution. We almost gave up and then I found your website and emailed you for guidance BEFORE I bought your program. You were so supportive and kind that I immediately ordered your membership package and started the program along with my husband. We are now two different people than before we joined your miscarriage community.

Thank you for everything, Kris!”

— Dorothy McKay, April, 2010 (Ontario, Canada)

What Makes This Miscarriage Community So Unique is That it Gives You The Power To…

  • Heal Emotionally from the wounds of a miscarriage. It’s a fact – over 40% of the women who get pregnant will suffer a miscarriage. Why isn’t anyone talking about it?!!! Now you can learn how to be in the successful percentage group that doesn’t let their miscarriage ruin their lives, they let it become a strength because it will always be a part of you.

  • Heal Mentally, and gain insight into things that will truly help get yourself back. It’s a fact- miscarriages are one of the toughest things a woman will every experience. If you’ve tried to tackle your miscarriage alone, you know how hard it is and how much it feels like people do not understand you. Not only will this system teach you the way to deal mentally with your miscarriage, you will also learn the way to reverse sadness and see through the clouds of darkness that weigh on your mind.

  • Heal Spiritually, realizing that true healing only comes through help of a higher power. Now you can learn firsthand that just as in AA there is a need to rely on a higher power, so it is with a miscarriage. Your relationship with your God will improve through this process.

  • Heal Physically and learn to truly trust your doctor. The Miscarriage Support Community will help you get feeling happier and healthier faster that you thought possible by optimizing the time and effort put in with your doctor and learning that – mind, body and ‘spirit’ is the way to miscarriage recovery.

Our Long Emotional Battle With A Miscarriage

Eight years ago my wife and I were expecting a beautiful baby girl. Without warning my wife miscarried and we lost our baby girl.

To say we were devastated is an understatement. A greeving process ensued. We looked for answers, understanding and for comfort.

What we found is that there really wasn’t a whole lot of options out there to help us. We received a few books, none of which really talked about the problem.

To make things worse we found the reaction of family and friends was: “Just get over it there was obviously something wrong with the child.” Or “Well, at least you have your other kids.”

This didn’t help at all!

As I tried and failed to find ways to help my wife find comfort, I learned some things that helped. She taught me most of them because she is so amazing.

We also noticed that we were not alone, that miscarriages are more common than I realized. People began to come out of the woodwork saying, “we’ve had a miscarriage before too.”

I couldn’t believe the number of people who had also been suffering in silence for years while looking for help.

My own suffering silence, trying to find answers and some sense of peace led thoughts and feelings that maybe I could do something about it. I felt impressed to go back to school. Those thoughts were quickly replaced with thoughts of “how in the world could I do that with a family and home to care for, pressing responsibilities at my church and an ever demanding business, where could I possibly find the time.”

However, I couldn’t get away from the gnawing feeling that I could make a difference. I had to act and as result, for the next 3.5 years I attended night school (an amazing sacrifice for my entire family) and received a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. I think this schooling was my mission call to help others get through the pains of suffering a miscarriage, as my wonderful wife and I had experienced.
As part of that mission, I have devoted a great deal of my time in building a program to help others find the peace that my family has found. Don’t get me wrong, you will always miss the child you lost; however, there are answers and there are people who truly understand how you feel and really can help you heal.

Tired of feeling bad together we sat down and had a heart to heart talk and decided that it was time to get some answers. After putting off going to others for information, we decided to face our fears and start talking to others about our feelings.
Unfortunately, like so many other couples discover, the answers we desperately wanted – and needed – weren’t going to be available to us. More frustrated than ever, we learned that there was no clear-cut reason for our miscarriage.

Neither of us wanted to continue to feel awful and depressed. The experts didn’t have a clue as to why we miscarried and dubbed us with the term “no reason miscarriage.” They suggested that we de-stress and keep trying to have other kids. Great! Hadn’t that been what we were doing all along?

Deep down, I felt there must be answers and others who understood what we were feeling. If we could just connect with others and be able to talk and share we believe we could start to feel better. But where would we find such a place?

Years of Study, Research, Prayer,
Interviews and Understanding

That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands. If the experts weren’t going to find out ways to heal from this tragedy, we were going to figure it out on our own – and fix it! So, I started to research every aspect of miscarriages. I read books and research studies and began talking with hospitals and couples worldwide about miscarriages and what people have done to heal.

I spent hours at the library swallowing stacks of books, journals and magazines about Infertility, hormonal balancing, miscarriages and nutrition and reading every word. I have literally read hundreds of articles from cover to cover. My library quickly grew with health and nutrition books and I had read every word almost to the point of memorizing them.

I was clearly obsessed with my mission and felt as if I’d go nuts if I didn’t find an answer.

But I didn’t just read. I interviewed countless of other miscarriage sufferers and endlessly picked the brains of every doctor…kind enough to lend me minutes of their time and fragments of their expertise and knowledge only to find a solid solution to miscarriage support.

We Tried Everything!

Book knowledge and interviews are one thing, but it’s not the same as knowledge from actual experience. Scientific facts, figures and theories weren’t enough.
We have also tried every self help and feel good book known to man. We became convinced that self help information was the key to becoming well again.

Yet We Still Did Not Feel Better

The vast majority of the above techniques and so called self Positive Mental Attitude either made us feel worse, or simply didn’t have any effect what so ever on our mental, emotional and spiritual condition. We both felt like we were “faking it.”

I realized the hard way, that there were no magic pills or fix-it-all products to recovering from a miscarriage.

Now, 3 Painful Years and Thousands of Diligent Work
Hours Later, The Miscarriage Recovery Puzzle Was
Finally Solved…

Not long after a conversation with my wife, I discovered a very important piece of research. I believe now that it was the final piece to our puzzle and allowed us to not only get past some miscarriage healing barriers, but to deepen our relationship within our marriage and our family!

After more than 9 years of diligent work and in depth research on a daily basis, after experiencing several eureka moments and after a long process of trial and error and dozens of interviews and self experiments, I applied my years of training to finally uncover the solution to miscarriage recovery . From all the truths and evidence, misconceptions and lies…the miscarriage recovery puzzle was finally solved. It took me more than a year to polish and refine my discovery and then I applied it with my wife with great hopes and passion and to my sheer amazement- after few months of following it…

We Started To Truly Heal and Feel Like Our Old Selves

It took us a few years with a lot of research to get to where we are today. To know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Yes, after desperate trial and error, countless of useless counseling appointments, disappointments and agony, a simple prayerful, pondering inner realization system opened the door to my new and much brighter life.

Amazingly, Every Other Woman Who Used This
Method Got the SAME Results

I also started testing my system on other women who had struggled with miscarriages and it yield the same results. In less than a 3 months on average 27 out of 35 women participating in my membership site felt better and more understood.

What’s even more exciting is that it worked regardless of what the reason for the miscarriage was and among women of any age (from 28-47).

All women who used this method had experienced the following benefits:

  • They became themselves again quicker than had they done nothing at all.
  • They felt more understood and less alone with their miscarriage pain.
  • They reported less obsessive thinking throughout the day.
  • Their sex life had dramatically improved.
  • They felt happier, calmer and more energized.
  • They experienced dramatic improvement in other unrelated health conditions.
  • They felt rejuvenated and reported feeling younger and more vibrant.

So now I took the time, tweaked and refined the system to completion to ensure it will yield the most remarkable long lasting results. And the best news is… It’s now available for you to try it!

Success Story #9: Imani Lamerou

” Your membership site is the only thing I’ve found that made me feel
somebody really understands how I feel… . “

“After having a miscarriage at 12 weeks, and having waited for that pregnancy to happen for more than a decade, I found REAL comfort in your website as it made me feel you EXACTLY understood what I was going through. The book was very easy to read and understand and the membership site made me feel apart of a large family of women who have experienced similar pain. I would strongly recommend your book and membership community to anyone struggling to deal with a miscarriage.
Thank you for your help…”

— Imani Lamerou (France)

Success Story #10: Irene Williamson

“After 4 months, I thought I was going crazy. Because of your book
and your membership site I understood that my feelings were
completely normal. It really works! “

“Dear Kris & Robin, Thank you for helping me realize I’m not alone. I’m NOT crazy. My husband really is a good man even though he doesn’t fully understand my feelings. And it is all going to be ok. I really will heal from this traumatic experience.”

Thanks again!”

— Irene Williamson (Scotland)



The Only Miscarriage Support Community In Existence That Will Teach YOU How To begin to heal from your miscarriage, Rebalance Yourself Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually while connecting you to hundreds of other women who understand some of the feelings your going through and share solutions of their own! is an instantly downloadable e-book presenting a simple look at how people heal emotionally from tragic events, a community to begin connecting, sharing, healing and helping others heal from miscarriages. It’s probably the most powerful place to get help and understanding after a miscarriage ever developed.

Successfully Used by 100s of Couples from All Over the World, Struggling with All Kinds of Miscarriage Issues.

Best Selling Program of its Kind on the Entire Web!

Backed By Many Years of Intense Research and Personal Experience

Developed, Refined and Perfected Over Years

Includes many Easy to watch Videos and Interviews

Presented in an Easy-to-Understand and Logical Format

Accompanied by FREE monthly webinars and group Counseling from myself.


I typically charge $150.00 just for one session of counseling. You get my webinars, and group coaching included for only $47!!

ONLY $47 Limited Time Offer

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve downloaded your book, read the entire thing from cover to cover. Then take action and start immediately!

The results will come. By following the step by step instructions, every day your odds of improving will become optimized to the point of perfection and you’ll also start feeling much better as your emotional self quickly starts re-balancing itself.

Success Story #11: Jody Gonzales

“I do believe that your unique program and the community techniques are nothing short of revolutionary as it helped us to begin healing. “

— Jody Gonzales (Ohio, USA)

ONLY $47 Limited Time Offer

Look at it this way: Your investment in this program is a drop in the bucket compared to what you’ll waste in time and emotional energy trying to reinvent the wheel of healing, not to mention the potential costs of continued suffering. The best news is that the cost of this system is only $47 for a Limited Time.

If You’re Finished for Good With trying to go through this Miscarriage alone, Which Has Failed You in the Past and You’re Ready to Do it the Right Way, Then This is the Honest and Effective Miscarriage Healing Community Solution You’ve Been Searching For Imagine yourself in few weeks or a year from now… Are you still frustrated and disappointed from trying month after month to heal from the loss of your child using your own methods to no avail or…are you a renewed person, enjoying renewed energy and vitality without the stress and agony of pain? The choice is yours…

If you’re even remotely interested in learning the truth about Miscarriage Healing, then you owe it to yourself to at least try the community system. Bear in mind that 95% of the people in this world are going to keep looking for that fairy tale pill or quick fix treatment. But I don’t think you would have read this far if you were the type of person to follow the crowd.

If you’re one of these special people who are motivated enough to try a real honest and effective Miscarriage healing Program one of the top 5% who are ready to do what it takes to finally start feeling better then join your new family and order today, because “just thinking about it” never led anyone to better health. .

Sincerely, Your Friend and Coach,

Kris Cottrell,
Counselor, Entreprenuer, Author

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns you’d like answered before you order, feel free to contact me at any time. has already worked for thousands of women in 52 countries worldwide, and many of them had questions about the program before they started. Please do not make the mistake of dismissing this opportunity out of concern that it may be hype or some scam. If you have reservations let me put your mind at rest. I will be more than happy to talk to you if you need reassurance. I know my system can work for you too.

P.P.S. Remember, that if you order today you’ll get the “Limited Time Special” pricing of ONLY $47, but I can’t guarantee this price for long. So please act now to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Again, if you come back in a couple of days, and the “limited time special” price is gone, there’s nothing I can do – Buy today and save!

P.P.P.S. Let me give you one more reason why you should order this course today:

It gives you the secrets to feeling better and understanding Miscarriage in only weeks. This is information you can’t get anywhere else. Why spend hours and hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable, when you can learn everything you need to know about Miscarriage healing naturally – and I do mean everything – in one convenient, inexpensive membership website?

Click Here To Join Community
For Only $47

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