New Year, New You!

I love the New Year. There is so much hope in a new beginning. Undoubtedly through out the year each of us can make changes and always make new goals. However I do enjoy that on  day 1 of the year, I am developing a new or better me. As we start 2013 the thought of changes and resolutions come to mind. Although many of us start the year with resolutions, most of us don’t make it past the first month.  Perhaps we are thinking of resolutions in the wrong way. It seems to me that resolutions tend to  be an all or nothing experience. I want to eat healthier, but when I succumb to a brownie on week 1 of my new goal, is it a failure? Does it mean nothing that I acknowledge that I have a problem with sweets, or that the road is tougher than I gave it credit for? Maybe  my resolution will be not giving up on  myself. Although I may fail here or there, are the changes I want to make worth the journey?

During the stressful events of trying to conceive or failing to conceive or losing your pregnancy, changes are everything that we are looking for and sometimes nothing that we are ever able to achieve. First, we need not to include things that we cannot change in our new years resolutions. For instance, resolving to carry your pregnancy to full term may not be in your control and has the possibility to lead to failure. However, we can resolve to finding joy in each day. You could create a gratitude diary that you could refer to during these stressful times. Resolving to live a healthier lifestyle or commit to taking better care of yourself can be very important during the days ahead, and can contribute to a stronger pregnancy. Developing your talents and confidence by taking classes or counseling can help make a stronger and happier you.

Despite your current condition, there is always much to improve. I need to build my faith and find support in my god. Others may need to mend fences with their loved ones. Whatever your new year resolutions might be, give yourself a chance. If you have a setback, try again. Develop faith in yourself and find the strength that each of you possess. Yes, at times the best we can do is simply to try. Daring to try is a journey in itself. Recognize your accomplishments and attempts as some of the great things that you can do.

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