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If you or someone you love is struggling with the sadness, stress, confusion or emotional pain that a miscarriage can cause, please listen to our message of hope and healing by playing the video on your left.

We know that the feelings you are experiencing are very real. When we lost our baby girl we were completely overcome by it and had no idea on how to cope with it.

After years of struggle we finally found peace, understanding and hope. In an effort to try and pass on the healing process that worked for us we have put together a short Ebook titled Miscarriage Support. It highlights 11 simple thoughts and practices that were very effective in helping us overcome our miscarriage tragedy.

We would like for you to have this Ebook. You can get it today by simply entering your email address in the box below. It’s absolutely free.

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What Causes A Miscarriage?

What Causes A Miscarriage?There is simply no getting around the fact that a miscarriage is a devastating experience. There are a number of things that can cause a miscarriage, but whatever was the cause of yours, you always have to remember that you were not to blame. A pregnancy is very complicated, and a miscarriage is actually quite common in the first 3 months of any pregnancy. It is now estimated [...]

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Will I Ever Feel Normal Again After A Miscarriage?

Will I Ever Feel Normal Again After A Miscarriage?There can hardly be any greater joy when you find out that you are pregnant, especially if you´ve been trying for some time. All of us who become mothers understand that wonderful feeling of anticipation and excitement that accompanies a pregnancy, whether it´s the first or the fourth. Unfortunately, there are times when the pregnancy ends in a miscarriage, and all the hopes you [...]

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Where To Find Help After A Miscarriage

Where To Find Help After A MiscarriageThere is an unfortunate tendency for even those who may care about a woman to dismiss the emotional pain she feels after a miscarriage. Although the partner of the woman is seldom considered, in many cases the man feels just as much pain and disappointment, and will also be worrying about the woman in addition. A miscarriage is such an unfortunate event [...]

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Feelings Of Isolation Are Common After A Miscarriage

Feelings Of Isolation Are Common After A MiscarriageEven if you have the most loving partner in the world, the fact remains that the physical part of the miscarriage happened to you, and it is probable that you will experience feelings of isolation. Many women think that they are somehow to blame because they have had a miscarriage, but a pregnancy is so complex that any number of things can go wrong and cause it to end. Guilt [...]

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